Aerospike’s new Graph database to support both OLAP and OLTP workloads

Posted by on 20 June, 2023

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Aerospike on Tuesday took the covers off its new Graph database that can support both Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) workloads.

The new database, dubbed Aerospike Graph, adds a property graph data model to the existing capabilities of its NoSQL database and Apache TinkerPop graph compute engine, the company said.

Apache TinkerPop is an open source property graph compute engine that helps the new graph database support both OLTP and OLAP queries. It is also used by other database providers such as Neo4J, Microsoft’s CosmosDB, Amazon Neptune, Alibaba Graph Database, IBM Db2 Graph, ChronoGraph, Hadoop, and Tibco’s Graph Database.

In order to enable integration between Apache TinkerPop and its database, Aerospike uses the graph API via its Aerospike Graph Service, the company said.

In its efforts to integrate further, the company said it has created an optimized data model under the hood to represent graph elements — such as vertices and edges — that map to the native Aerospike data model using records, bins, and other features.

The new graph database, just like Apache TinkerPop, will make use of the Gremlin Query Language, Aerospike said. This means developers can write applications with new and existing Gremlin queries in Aerospike Graph.

Gremlin is the graph query language of Apache TinkerPop.

Some of the applications of graph databases include identity graphs for the advertising technology industry, customer 360 applications across ecommerce and retail companies, fraud detection and prevention across financial enterprises, and machine learning for generative AI.

The introduction of the graph database will also see the graph model added to Aerospike’s real-time data platform which already supports key value and document models. Last year, the company added support for native JSON.

While Aerospike did not reveal any pricing details, it said Aerospike Graph can independently scale compute and storage, and enterprises will have to pay for the infrastructure being used.

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