MongoDB adds generative AI features to boost developer productivity

Posted by on 27 September, 2023

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After adding vector search to its NoSQL Atlas database-as-a-service (DBaaS) in June, MongoDB is adding new generative AI features to a few tools in order to further boost developer productivity.

The new features have been added to MongoDB’s Relational Migrator, Compass, Atlas Charts tools, and its Documentation interface.

In its Documentation interface, MongoDB is adding an AI-powered chatbot that will allow developers to ask questions and receive answers about MongoDB’s products and services, in addition to providing troubleshooting support during software development.

The chatbot inside MongoDB Documentation—which has been made generally available — is an open source project that uses MongoDB Atlas Vector Search for AI-powered information retrieval of curated data to answer questions with context, MongoDB said.

Developers would be able to use the project code to build and deploy their own version of chatbots for a variety of use cases.

In order to accelerate application modernization MongoDB has integrated AI capabilities — such as intelligent data schema and code recommendations — into its Relational Migrator.

The Relational Migration can automatically convert SQL queries and stored procedures in legacy applications to MongoDB Query API syntax, the company said, adding that the automatic conversion feature eliminates the need for developers to have knowledge of MongoDB syntax.

Further, the company is adding a natural language processing capability to MongoDB Compass, which is an interface for querying, aggregating, and analyzing data stored in MongoDB.

The natural language prompt included in Compass has the ability to generate executable MongoDB Query API syntax, the company said.

A similar natural language capability has also been added to MongoDB Atlas Charts, which is a data visualization tool that allows developers to easily create, share, and embed visualizations using data stored in MongoDB Atlas.

“With new AI-powered capabilities, developers can build data visualizations, create graphics, and generate dashboards within MongoDB Atlas Charts using natural language,” the company said in a statement.

The new AI-powered features in MongoBD Relational Migrator, MongoDB Compass, and MongoDB Atlas Charts are currently in preview.

In addition to these updates, the company has also released a new set of capabilities to help developers deploy MongoDB at the edge in order to garner more real-time data and help build AI-powered applications at the edge location.

Dubbed MongoDB Atlas for the Edge, these capabilities will allow enterprises to run applications on MongoDB using a wide variety of infrastructure, including self-managed on-premises servers and edge infrastructure managed by major cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure, the company said.

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