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Posted by on 23 January, 2015

We are one of the oldest and largest IT VARs in the US. We are DELL’s largest Western Region Reseller. We were awarded Microsoft ‘s Western Region SMB VAR. We are HP Platinum, Cisco Gold, Lenovo, Apple, IBM, NetAp, Juniper, …. We are top tier providers for virtually every manufacturer in IT. As such our customers expect us to be able to handle all of their IT needs. Including on a Mission Critical/ Next Day support level. All the way down to pallet loads of lower cost refurb PCs.
This is where our relationship has developed. One of my customers, a telemarketing company out of Canada with multiple US locations, needed cost effective minimal performance PCs in large quantities for their call centers, so I contacted InnovatePC.com. After reviewing a number of options for this type of product, they provided some of the best responsiveness and product availability. That was a number of years ago. As our client has grown across the US, so have our combined efforts with InnovatePC.com to help them accomplish it. InnovatePC has been there to help supply their needs quickly and cost effectively.
I have recommended InnovatePC to the other GHA sales reps located across the US. Just as I have suggested products sourced through InnovatePC for other customers. As our motto suggest, we pride ourselves on having the right solution at the right price when our customers’ need it. InnovatePC have been there with the product types, availability and support I expect from my suppliers in order to provide that same level of performance to my customers.
Thanks for your attention to GHA’s and our customers’ needs. We look forward to continuing our relationship into 2015 and future years.

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